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Istanbul Seyahat was founded in 1940 by Abit TIRIS. With the first regular lines between Carşamba (Samsun)- Alucra (Giresun), Istanbul Seyahat started its life, and came up today in road transportation sector.

Since Istanbul Anatolian Bus Station was established, and Talip TIRIŞ who is Abit In the same year, he also opened several routes to the various european countries.

Growing company under the direction of Selami TIRIŞ who is 3rd generation manager, and gives high importance to safe transportation and quality of service launched bus lines to the coast tapes, Particularly to the Thrace Region, and additionally Mediterranean, Aegean, and a considerable part of Black Sea region of Turkey.

In parallel to developments in the sector,as a result of our efforts for institutionalize in 2002, our company has earned the title of Istanbul Travel Tourism Trade Inc, and Selami TIRIŞ was elected to Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Nowadays, Istanbul Seyahat is among leading companies in Road Transportation Sector together with;

  • Close to 200 online ticket sales office throughout Turkey and Bulgaria
  • Average 2007 model and beyond the bus fleet with over 100
  • Annual capacity of 2.5 million passengers and 40 trillion in turnover
Continuing to expand its activities in the area of tourism,
STT ISTANBULTRAVEL was established in 2005. We –as an authorized agent of ETSTur- are having a new service offered to our passengers with many domestic and international ticket sales offices in mainly Thrace Region, and in Istanbul .

As Istanbul Seyahat has opened new routes to Burgas-Varna-Sumen’s region in Bulgaria, it has transfered its own experience, quality of service, and assurance in the internal lines to Bulgaria with these regular lines.

With the belief of “our passenger is our guest”, we are as Istanbul Seyahat family aiming to provide the ways of offering to our valuable passengers the very best in travel and tourism organizations with combaining quality of service, assurance and time.

As of today, together with over 500 workers Istanbul Seyahat Inc continues to provide great service to the sector with its innovations.

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